Background color of icons do not match - AutoCAD problem

At least Applies to:
  • AutoCAD 2000
  • Windows 2000


The background color of the tool buttons does not match the Windows 3D-object color, or the icon background color is not transparent.


The color palette in windows is set to low, 256 colors for example, or is set to high, True color for example.


When menus are made, all the icon bitmaps are complied into a MNR file. It takes with it, the Windows color setting, of the computer the menu is complied on. If another computer has a different windows color setting this can effect the way the icons are displayed.

Here is an example; Computer 1 complies the menu with a Windows color setting of 32768 colors, Computer 2 is set to 16777216 colors. The icons on Computer 2 appear not to have a transparent background. Why, because Computer 2 has an extra 16744448 (16777216 - 32768) that Computer 1 does not have. If Computer 2 had complied the menu, Computer 1's icons would have appeared correctly, Because Computer 2 has the 32768 colors that Computer 1 has, plus extras.
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