Acronyms and Abbreviations in Engineering

Complied by Allan Wise, based in Australia
  • Created 7-July-2004
  • Revised 20-Nov-2004
  • Revised 20-Dec-2005
  • Revised 16-August-2006

A - Ampere
A/C - Air Conditioning
A/H - After Hours
AB - As Built
AEC - Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
AFL - Above Floor Level
AFL - Above Finished Level
AG - Agricultural pipe drain
AGL - Above Ground Level
AHD - Australian Height Datum
AHU - Air Handler Unit
APPROX - Approximately
AS - Australian Standard
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATF - Along Top Flange
B - Basin or Bottom
BLDG - Building
BNS - Business Network Services
BOT - Bottom
BQ - Bendable Quality
BSP - British Standard Pipe
BT - Bath Tub
BT - Boundary Trap
BTM - Bottom
BW - Both Ways
C - C shaped steel purlin
C/C - Cross Centres
C.J. - Control Joint (or Construction Joint)
CAD - Computer Aided Design. Less commonly use is Computer Assisted Drafting.
CCTV - Closed Circuit TeleVision
CFW - Continuous Fillet Weld
CHS - Circular Hollow Section
CL - Center Line
CLG - Control Joint
CLR - Clearance
CMU - Cement Masonry Unit
CNJ - Construction Joint
COL - Column
COMMS - Communications
CONN - Connection
CONT - Continuous
CS - Cleaners Sink
CT - Controller
CTR(S) - Centre/S
CTRL - Control
CTRS - Centers
CU - Dental Cuspidor
CVR - Cover
°C - Degrees Celsius
DAR - Dressed All Round
DD - Design Drawing
DIA - Diameter
DIM - Dimension
DN - Diameter Nominal
DP - Down Pipe
DR - Dryer
DW - Dishwasher
DWG - Drawing
DWG(S) - Drawing/S
EA - Equal Angle (steel)
EF - Each Face
EL - Elevated Level
EL - Elevation
ELEC - Electrical
EQ - Equal
EQUIP - Equipment
EW - Each Way
EWB - Electric Water Boiler
EWC - Electric Water Cooler
FB - Footing Beam
F'c - Characteristic Concrete Strength
FCU - Fan Coil Unit
FFL - Finished Floor Level
FL - Floor Level
FOC - Fibre Optic Cable
FS - Far Side
FSBL - Full Strength Butt Weld
FTG - Footing
FTP - Fibre Termination Panel (fibre optical cable)
FW - Fillet Weld
FWF - From Web Face (steel)
GALV - Galvanized
GCI - Galvanized corrugated iron.
GIS - Graphic Information System
GSM - Global System of Moblie or "Groupe Speciale Mobile" in French
H - Prewash Hose Reel
HOR - Horizontal
HORIZ - Horizontal
HP - High Pressure
HWB - Hair Wash Basin
ID - Inside Diameter
IE - Invert Elevation
IL - Invert Level
IO - Inspection Opening
IP - Intersection Point
ISO - International Standard Organisation
JIS - Japanese Industry Standard
kHz - Kilohertz
K.J. - Key Joint
KS - Kitchen Sink
KWh - Kilo Watt Hour (metre)
L - Steel Angle
LAN - Local Area Network
LGX - Line Group Cross (Connector, fibre optical cable)
LH - Left Hand
LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas
LT - Laundry Trough
m - Metres (English) or Meters
MAX - Maximum
MDF - Main Distribution Frame (Telecommunications)
MFR - Manufacturer
MHz - Megahertz
Micky Mouse - A toy project, of very low quality.
MIN - Minimum
MISC - Miscellaneous
M.J. - Movement Joint
mm - Millimetres
MS - Mild Steel
NC - Normally Closed
NET - Network
No. - Number
NOM - Nominal
NS - Near Side
N.S.O.P. - Not Shown On Plan
NTS - Not To Scale
NZS - New Zealand Standard
OA or O/A - Overall
OD - Outside Diameter
OPT - Optional
PCD - Pitch Circle Diameter
PFC - Parallel Flange Channel
PL - Plate
PT - Pressure Tapping
PVC - Ploy Vinyl Chloride
QTY - Quantity
R - Radius
RAD - Radius or radial
REF - Reference
REINF - Reinforcement
REQ'D - Required
REV - Revision
RH - Right Hand
RHS - Rectangular Hollow Section
RL - Reduced Level or Relative Level
S - Sink
SAN - Sanitary
SDU - Sanitary Disposal Unit
SF - Strip Footing
SHR - Shower
SHS - Square Hollow Section
SIM - Similar
SQ - Square
SS or S/S - Stainless Steel
SL - Structural Level
SSL - Structural Slab Level
STD - Standard
T - Top
TB - Tie Beam
TEMP - Temperature
TFC - Taper Flange Channel
THK - Thick
TO or T.O. or T.OFF - Top Off
TR - Laundry Trough
TUN - Tundish
TYP - Typical
U/S - Under Side
UA - Unequal Angle (steel)
UB - Universal Beam (steel)
UC - Universal Column (steel)
UNO - Unless Noted Otherwise (UON is prefered)
UON - Unless Otherwise Noted
UR - Urinal
VER - Vertical
VERT - Vertical
WAN - Wide Area Network
WB - Welded Beam (steel)
WC - Welded Column (steel)
WC - Water Closet (toilet)
WC(P) - Water Closet With 'P' Trap
WC(S) - Water Closet With 'S' Trap
WD - Working Drawing
WM - Washing Machine
WP - Water Proof or Work Point
X - By. Example, "N12 x 1200 long" also means "N12 by 1200 long".
Z - Zulu (Greenwich Mean Time)
Z - Z shaped steel purlin
Special Characters
°C = Degrees Celsius
Ø = Diameter
'# = Number
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