G - Technical Dictionary

Total energy that passes through a glazing system. Includes the fraction of solar radiation admitted through a window, both directly transmitted, and absorbed and then subsequently released. A lower G-Value transmits less solar heat, and provides better shading.

The triangular wall at the end of a double-pitched or gabled roof.A triangular area of an exterior wall formed by 2 sloping roofs, from ridge to eaves.

A double pitched roof, sloping straight from the ridge to the eaves on two sides, with a gable on the other two sides.

A small metal or wooden railing around the edge of a tray, table or cabinet. The use of galleries was popular from the mid 18th century onwards.

Galley Kitchen                                           
A kitchen where appliances and cabinets sit against a single wall.

(GALV) Coated with metal by an electric current; coated with zinc without using a current.

Gambrel Roof                                           
A ridged roof with two slopes on either side, the lower slope having the steeper pitch. The gambrel is sometimes flared beyond the front and rear of the house and forms a deep overhang.

Gang Nail Plate                                         
A steel plate attached to both sides at each joint of a truss. Also used to join the top plates of walls at junctions.

A variable-sloped pedestrian walkway that links a fixed structure or land with a floating structure. 
Gangways that connect to vessels are not addressed by this document.

Garden City                                               
Town planning movement of the early 20th century, founded by Ebenezer Howard, and promoting the idea of separating residential and industrial/commercial areas with bands of parkland.

Garden Window                                        
A special design of window that projects out beyond the building line and has a sloping glazed roof and internal shelving. Most common application is in kitchen windows.

A grotesque spout projecting from a building to carry off rainwater.

Gate Leg Table                                         
A table with hinged legs and leaves. When raised the leaves are supported by the swinging legs which are joined to the fixed legs by stretchers.
A small tower or summerhouse, usually in a garden.

General Arrangement Drawing                 
(GA) Assembly drawing showing the layout of construction works, including location, references and sizes.

General Assembly Drawing                      
Assembly drawing showing all groups and parts of a complete product.

This French word meaning “type” now refers to paintings that depict scenes of everyday life without any attempt at idealization. Genre paintings can be found in all ages, but the Dutch productions of peasant and tavern scenes are typical.

Georgian Style                                          
A form of architecture and decoration associated with the four kings George of England (1714-1810). It combines Renaissance, Rococo and neo-classical elements, with predominantly classical elements. The revival of Palladianism, manifested in furniture by the placing of classical pediments on cabinets, took place during this period.

A beam used as a main horizontal support in a building or bridge. Girders are often made of steel, wood, or reinforced concrete.

A transparent or translucent element and its supporting frame located in the external fabric of the building, and includes a window other than a roof light.

Glazing Leg                                               
The portion of the window section which is used to retain the glass in conjunction with the bead.

Glazing Tape                                             
Glazing tape is the material used on the glazing leg to seat the glass against. Can be a foam tape or similar.

Glued Laminated Beam                            
(Glulam)- A structural beam composed of wood laminations pressure bonded with adhesives.

A style of architecture developed in northern France that spread throughout Europe between the 12th and 16th centuries; characterized by slender vertical piers and counterbalancing buttresses and by vaulting and pointed arches.

Gothic Revival                                           
The architecture of the movement to revive the medieval Gothic style which began in 18th century England.

A rail used to give a steadying or stabilizing assistance to a person engaged in a particular function.

US term - Ground level, or the elevation at any given point. The work of levelling dirt. Also the designated quality of a manufactured piece of wood.

The direction, size, arrangement, appearance, or quality of the fibres in woo

Tiered seating facilities.

Greek Key                                                 
A decorative band of interlocking, geometric, hook-shaped forms. Originally a classical motif, it was used on neo-classical furniture.

Greenhouse Effect                                   
The property of glass that permits the transmission of short-wave solar radiation, but is opaque to long-wave thermal radiation. The interior of a car heating up in direct sun illustrates the greenhouse effect.

Grid System                                              
A grid reference system consists of one set of gridlines in one direction with a second set of gridlines in another direction. Any grid system shall be consistent throughout a project. Grid systems are generally right angles to each other, but grid lines do not necessarily have to be at right angles to each other. The project grid may be adopted with a completely arbitrary orientation, bearing no relation to any recognized map grid or True North. For the majority of projects this is the case. The gridlines running down the sheet should be marked alphabetically (A, B, C...) and the gridlines across the sheet should be marked numerically (1, 2, 3...), see below

Grille Column                                            
A flat decorative veranda support of cast or wrought iron.

Ground Floor                                             
The floor which is nearest the level of the outside ground.

Water from an aquifer or subsurface water source.

A mixture of cement, sand and water used to fill the joints and cavities in masonry or ceramic tiles.

Guardrail System                                      
A structural edge protection system that may comprise posts, rails, infill panels or toe boards, or combination thereof, that is designed to provide edge protection.

A decorative motif that takes the form of a continuous band of strands that are twisted or plaited together. First seen in classical architecture, the motif was popular with neo-classical designers.

A flat wood, plywood or steel member used to provide a connection at the intersection of members.

A shallow channel or conduit of metal or wood set below and along the (fascia) eaves to catch and carry off rainwater from the roof.

A board to support a box-gutter.

Gypsum Plaster                                        
Gypsum formulated to be used with the addition of sand and water for base-coat plaster.

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