R - Technical Dictionary

The thermal resistance (m2.K/W) of a component calculated by dividing its thickness by its thermal conductivity.

A rectangular longitudinal groove cut in the corner edge of a board or plank. A groove cut to receive an edge.

Roof structural members that slope downwards to the eaves.

Horizontal sash member.

Rainwater Head                                        
A receptacle sometimes used between gutters and downpipes to provide an external overflow point.

An inclined surface on a continuous accessible path of travel between two horizontal surfaces (e.g., landings) with a gradient steeper than 1 in 20 but not steeper than 1 in 14. Kerb Ramp; An inclined surface on a continuous accessible path of travel with a maximum rise of 190 mm, a length not greater than 1520 mm and a gradient not steeper than 1 in 8, located within or attached to a kerb. Step Ramp; An inclined surface on a continuous accessible path of travel with a maximum rise of 190 mm and length not greater than 1900 mm and a gradient between not steeper than 1:10.

A canopy over a cooker containing filters for the extraction of steam and smells.

The wind pressure in Pascals that the window has to perform to. Figure is obtained by reference to the Wind Code for region and site exposure. AS 2047- 1996 defines rating levels from N1 to N6.

A development in mid-19th-century France lead by Gustave Courbet. Its aim was to depict the customs, ideas, and appearances of the time using scenes from everyday life.

A steel rod or bar used in reinforced concrete construction. Reinforcing bar - Ribbed steel bars installed in foundation concrete walls, footers, and poured in place concrete structures designed to strengthen concrete. Comes in various thickness' and strength grade.

A term used to define that portion of the door frame into which the door fits. Also a term used to describe the abutting edges of a pair of doors or windows so shaped as to provide a tight fit. One half of the edge projects beyond the other half, usually by 13mm.

A space, zone, office, department or other facility for the receipt of goods.

A room where visitors, guests, etc are received on arrival for immediate assistance before being directed to other areas.

Reception Desk                                        
The desk in an entrance Lobby.

Reconstructed Stone                                
Precast concrete using crushed stone as aggregate.

The act of reproducing by new construction, the exact form and detail of a vanished building, structure, or object, or a part thereof, as it appeared at a specific period of time.

Record Drawing                                        
A Construction Drawing with as-built details added that following the completion of work on site. Do not use the term As-Built or Facilities Drawing.

Rectangular Hollow Section                     
(RHS) A steel structural member.

Parallel convex moulding running from the top to the bottom of a column, the opposite of fluting. Reeding was used from the late 18th century as decoration on table and chair legs.

Reflectance Level                                     
The amount of light that is reflected from a surface, such as walls, floors and ceiling.

Reflective Insulation                                  
Sheet material with one or both faces covered with aluminium foil.

Regency Style                                           
A style of furniture and decorative art popular during the regency of George IV (1811-1820) and his later reign (1820-1830). Heavy, broadly classical forms and ornaments such as winged lions, masks and palmettes characterized it.

A grill placed over a heating duct or cold air return.

A groove, insert or other device in a wall to accept a flashing.

Carved, moulded or stamped decorative features that rise above the surface of a piece of furniture.

Revival of the art and literature of classical Greece and Rome, beginning in Italy in the 14th century.

Cement or plaster applied to brick or masonry walls.

To spread mortar or another mix on an external wall. Compare with plastering, which usually refers to finishing a ceiling or internal wall. The words have different meanings in US and UK English, and are often used interchangeably. The material used in rendering is often called plaster.

Resilient Mounts                                       
Resilient mounts are used as damping between building elements.This term refers to any connecting device that provides some level of resilience between components such as rubber or damping springs. Resilient mounts are predominantly used when installing an isolated building component such as a floating floor or suspended ceiling. They can also be used when attaching devices such as air conditioners and wall-mounted dryers.

Comprehensive maintenance activities intended to bring an item back to its original appearance or state. Restoration is not solely for functional or operational reasons, but may also be required for historical restoration.The process of accurately recovering the form and details of a property as it appeared originally or at a time of historic significance.

Restricted Entrance                                  
An entrance that is made available for common use on a controlled basis but not public use and that is not a service entrance.

Moneys held back by a customer until they are satisfied the work has been completed to an appropriate standard. It must be written into the contract at the start. A common formula is 10% of the value of the work executed up to a maximum of 5% of contract value. With large projects it is now commonly replaced by a bank guarantee system.

The area of wall at the side of a window or door opening that is at right angles to the general face of that wall.

The timber surround that is factory fitted to aluminium windows.

A term that describes chair backs that have been carved to look like ribbons tied in bows. A popular design during the mid 18th century, it was a typical design feature of the Chippendale chair.

The horizontal line at the junction of the top edges of two sloping roof surfaces.

Ridge Capping                                          
A folded or curved metal cover for the apex junction of opposing roof slopes.

Right Hand                                                
To describe a component or design of windows. Always taken viewing the product from the outside.

A general term denoting land, property, or interest acquired for transportation purposes. A covenant placed on a piece of land for a means of access to a property not fronting a road.

An idealized concept meaning something which does not deform under loading. In fact, all objects deform under loading, but in modelling it can be useful to idealize very stiff objects as rigid.

German - Literally ‘ring road’ – a road encircling a city.

The vertical distance from stair tread to stair tread.

Road Base                                                
A aggregate mixture of sand and stone.

A hard, Elastic material not significantly affected by immersion in water. Also see soil.

Rococo Style                                             
A French style of interior decoration developed during the reign of Louis XV consisting mainly of asymmetrical arrangements of curves in panelling, porcelain, and gold and silver objects. The characteristics of ornate curves, prettiness, and gaiety can also be found in the painting and sculpture of the period. Style of 18th century European furniture that was a reaction to the opulent Baroque style. Rococo was considered to be daintier, and featured asymmetrical ornamentation and flamboyant scroll-work.

Roll Form                                                  
The process whereby aluminium profiles are formed by the process of using pre-finished aluminium sheet and through a series of rollers the section shape is formed.

Roll-Top Ridge Capping                           
A type of ridge capping where the centre on the roll top ridge cap is a curve of approximately 50 mm diameter.

The top, weather-proof construction of a building, The following are some common types:Awning-Roof BargeboardBuilt-Up Roof Broken-Back-Roof Bullnose-Roof Butterfly-Roof Gable-Roof Hipped-Gable Roof Hipped-Roof Mansard-Roof Skillion-Roof

Roof Cladding                                           
Outer weatherproof surface of the building that is supported by the roof structure.

Roof Edge Protection                                
A barrier system that is anchored to wall structures, roof structures or roof cladding, supported off the ground or at a level below the roof, or any combination of these, to prevent a person on a housing or residential building from falling from the roof edge.

Roof Light                                                  
A skylight, window, or the like installed in a roof at an angle between 0 and 70 degrees measured from the horizontal plane.

Roof Pitch                                                 
The incline or slope of a roof. Often expressed as an angle. i.e. 15°

Roof Plan                                                  
Drawing which specifies in detail the roof seen from above.

Roof Sheeting                                           
The sheet material fastened to the roof structure.

An identifiable physical space bounded actually or theoretically. It may not be completely enclosed by walls, ceiling and floor but it should have some of these physical limitations.

Root Resistant                                           
Capable of preventing or repelling penetration by roots.

Roughcast Plaster                                     
Mortar or stucco containing pebbles or coarse gravel to give a rough, knobbly texture to walls. Also called pebble-dash.

Running Slope 
The slope that is parallel to the direction of travel. 
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