V - Technical Dictionary

A hanging border of drapery, attached eg along the sides of a bed; a pelmet (North American); a hinged panel on the side of a vehicle allowing access to the engine; a side panel on a vehicle or locomotive which partially covers a wheel or wheels and is designed to reduce drag or catch splashes.

The "V" shaped area of a roof where two sloping roofs meet. Water drains off the roof at the valleys.

Valley Boards                                            
Timber or profiled metal laid under a valley gutter to support it.

Valley Gutter                                             
A gutter at the bottom intersection of two sloping roofs (also called a valley flashing).

Vanity Fire                                                 
A fire set by an individual to gain recognition, such as a watchman looking for a promotion.

A substance in the form of a mist, fume, or smoke, especially one coming off from a solid or liquid; a gas below its critical temperature, liquefiable by pressure; water in the atmosphere.

Vapour Barrier                                           
A water barrier installed on exterior walls and ceilings under the drywall and on the warm side of the insulation. It is used to retard the movement of water vapour into walls and prevent condensation within them. Normally, polyethylene plastic sheeting is used.

Work that is neither expressly included in nor implied by the original contract and therefore is not in the contract price, whether it represents a change or alteration to the original work or simply an addition to or omission from it.

Vehicular Way                                           
A route provided for vehicular traffic, such as in a street, driveway, or parking facility.

A person who offers a property for sale.

A thin layer of fine decorative wood that is applied to the surface of a carcass made of less expensive wood or wood composite (substrate). Veneering is an environmentally friendly way of optimizing the use of expensive woods. The way in which the veneer is cut from the log, and the manner in which it is laid on to the substrate affect the final appearance of the veneered surface.A thin slice of wood or brick or stone covering a framed wall.

Venetian Blind                                           
Horizontal slats with controls to angle blades to control light/privacy and raise complete window covering in a compressed form at the top of the window.

A pipe or duct, which allows the flow of air and gasses to the outside. Also, another word for the moving glass part of a window sash, i.e. window vent.

Ventilation Opening                                   
An opening in the external wall, floor or roof of a building designed to allow air movement into or out of the building by natural means including a permanent opening, an operable part of a window, a door or other device which can be held open.

Alternative spelling of verandah A roof-covered but otherwise open gallery, porch or balcony supported by posts

Alternative spelling of veranda A roof-covered but otherwise open gallery, porch or balcony supported by posts

An area between a footpath and the kerb of a road reserve.

A mineral used as bulk insulation and also as aggregate in insulating and acoustical plaster and in insulating concrete floors.

An entrance-hall; a cavity serving as entrance to another space.

Victorian Style                                           
Style named for England's Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901. Furniture of that time was based on rococo and Louis XV styles, with exaggerated curves and size, lush upholstery, and ellipses, spools and carvings. Horsehair cushioning is a hallmark of the furniture of the period.

Vierendeel Truss                                       
A truss with rectangular panels and rigid joints. The members of a Vierendeel truss are subject to strong nonaxial forces.A rigid frame with an assemblage of rectangles and trapezoids but no diagonal members History Named after Arthur Vierendeel (April 10, 1852 – November 8, 1940) a famous Belgian civil engineer born in Leuven.Image:Vierendeel Truss.png

Orthogonal projection showing the visible part of an object and also, if necessary, its hidden outlines.

A measure of the resistance of a fluid to flow or the internal friction within the body of the fluid at a given shear rate measured in Centipoises or Pascal seconds.

Visible Face                                             
Applies to extrusions and describes the visible area remaining on the section when the section is assembled into a window.

  A glass panelled case or cabinet for displaying objects and artefacts such as fine china, crystal and curios.

Volatile Organic Compounds                    
(VOCs) The term encompasses a very large and diverse group of carbon-containing compounds, including aliphatic, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons; aldehydes; ethers; esters; acids; alcohols and ketones. Examples of VOCs include benzene, toluene, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, formaldehyde, carbon tetrachloride and some pesticides. Benzene is a Group 1 carcinogen (IARC), as is formaldehyde.VOCs are found in many products including paints, adhesives, building board and composite timber, fabric dressing, lacquers, some foams, some carpets and vinyl/plasticised PVC.Potential health effects from contact with VOC’s at even low concentrations include irritation to the throat, eyes and nose, nausea, headaches, loss of coordination, damage to the kidney, central nervous system and lungs. Symptoms vary in severity depending on the composition, concentration and length of exposure to the VOC’s present. Contact with some VOC’s has been known to cause, and some suspected of causing cancer in humans.VOC’s are damaging to the environment predominately due to the production of photochemical smog from various VOC’s. Photochemical smog can also have detrimental health effects to humans. VOC’s have been found to cause cancer in other animals and also to have serious effects on plants.
A spiral or scroll-shaped form.Also called wreath. A decorative way to start a stairway. The volute is round with a newel in the center surrounded by 
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