W - Technical Dictionary

Waffle Slab                                                
A two-way floor or roof system consisting of a reinforced concrete slab poured with integral joists or ribs in two directions beneath it. The system has a waffle-like pattern when viewed from below. For the slab on ground types they are sometimes known as a Waffle Pod Slab or Waffle Raft Slab.

Panel forming the lower part of an interior wall when it is finished differently from the rest of the wall.

A final inspection of a home before "Closing" to look for and document problems needing correction.

An open sided, covered connection between buildings.

Warden Intercom Point                            
(WIP) The location on a floor or evacuation zone, where equipment is provided through which instructions can be received from the controlling emergency control panel via the emergency intercommunication system.

Any distortion in a material.

A person to whom a warranty is made.

One who makes a warranty. Any supplier or other person who gives or offers to give a written warranty or who is or may be obligated under an implied warranty.

A promise made by a seller or contractor responsible for work performed under a contract that the work performed is fit for the purpose intended and is free from structural, electrical, mechanical, and other defects.

Waste Pipe                                               
Plumbing pipe that carries waste water to the sewage system.

Water Closet                                             
(WC) Another name for toilet.

Water Penetration                                     
A term used to describe the water performance of a window. Part of the standard testing procedure on a window calls for a water test. A window shall not have water penetrate beyond the inner face after a 15 minute water test at a specified wind pressure. Minimum pressure is 150 Pa up to a maximum of 450 Pa.

Water Resistant                                         
Material that restricts moisture movement and does not degrade under conditions of moisture.

Water Table                                               
The location of the underground water, and the vertical distance from the surface of the earth to this underground water.

Water Vapour Transmission                     
An evaluation of the water vapour transfer through semi-permeable and permeable samples. The data can be used by manufacturers and designers and is often important in packaging applications.

Material property that does not allow moisture penetration.Waterproof: One word if an item.Water Proof: Two words if an instruction.

Waterproofing Lining                                 
Lining applied to the internal surfaces of liquid storage tanks.

Waterproofing System                              
A combination of elements that are required to achieve a waterproof barrier as required by this Standard, e.g., substrate, membrane, bond breakers, sealants, and finishes.

A waterproofing system forming a barrier to prevent the passage of moisture.Hydrophilic: Attracting water Hydrophobic: Repelling water

Weather Flap                                            
A flap system within the sill of the window that is designed to allow water to escape and to prevent wind blowing directly back through the drain slots. Not to be confused with a undersill flap which fits under the window sill to allow for building settlement.

Weather Strip                                            
Narrow strips made of metal, or other material, designed so that when installed at doors or windows, it will retard the passage of air, moisture or dust around the door or window sash.

Narrow sections of thin metal or other material installed to prevent the infiltration of air and moisture around windows and doors.

Overlapping boards for external surfaces that keep out rain.

A woven polypropylene horticultural fabric.

Weep Hole                                                
The small opening in a cavity brickwork wall to drain moisture.Alternative name for drain slot.

Weighted Sound Reduction Index            
(Rw) Replaces in a more accurate form STC and is generally equivalent plus or minus 3. 3 being the smallest change discernible to the human ear.

Welded Joints                                           
Where joins in plastic-based floor materials are heat-treated to create a join that will not harbour moisture, dirt or mould when cleaned or after having something spilt on them.

Wet Area                                                   
An area within a building supplied with water from a water supply system and includes bathrooms, showers, laundries and sanitary compartments. Excludes kitchens, bar areas, kitchenettes or domestic food and beverage preparation areas.

Generally include marshes, billabongs, swamps and sedge lands.

Wheelchair Space                                     
Space for a single wheelchair and its occupant.

A technique used to search for character strings by using reserved characters meaning "any character" or "any combination of characters" as part of the search string.

William and Mary Style                            
Named for the joint reign of England 's King William III and Queen Mary II in the late 17th century the style carried the influence of William's Dutch birth, particularly in the use of floral marquetry and oyster veneer. It was elegant in scale and shape. In America it represented a provincial or country American Baroque style.

Wind Bracing                                             
Metal straps or wood blocks installed diagonally on the inside of a wall from bottom to top plate, to prevent the wall from twisting, racking, or falling over "domino" fashion.

Wind Load                                                 
In relation to windows: The wind pressure that the window has to perform to. Wind load figures are in values of Pascals (Pa). Ratings are in Pascals and refer to wind load performance that window has to comply with. Wind load varies according to location and exposure.

Wind Loading                                            
The total force exerted by wind on a structure or part of a structure on a building component.

Wind Shadow                                            
Buildings placed too close together can block a breeze from reaching adjoining buildings.

A roof light, glass panel, glass block or brick, glass louvre, glazed sash, glazed door, or other device which transmits natural light.

Window Assembly                                    
A complete unit comprising frame, couplings, sashes, glazing infill panels and hardware.

Window Dimension                                   
Window frame size as shown on brochure. Size is to overall frame size, not to overall reveal fin size. [H]: refers to window height [W]: refers to window width. Note: Window and Door dimensions are always quoted height x width.

Window Frame                                          
The stationary part of a window unit; window sash fits into the window frame.

Window Sash                                            
The operating or movable part of a window; the sash is made of windowpanes and their border.

Window Schedule                                     
Component range drawing of windows and window doors including their hardware, and which may contain information in the form of a table.

Window Section                                       
 Portion of the window sash that the lock or strike is normally fitted to, and the frame into.

Window Treatment                                    
Any decorative or functional covering applied to the inside of a window and window frame, including shades, horizontal or vertical blinds, drapes, or interior shutters. Can be used interchangeably with "window covering" or "window dressing," but window treatment just sounds so much more posh, doesn't it?

A row of cut vegetation pushed up for clearing (for example timber which is pushed into lines for burning during a clearing operation) and includes post logging waste material.

Wing Chair                                               
 A high back easy chair with upholstered wings or panels that project from both sides of the back and curve down to upholstered arms.

Wire Glass                                                 
Clear or obscure glass having a layer of diamond or square pattern wire mesh embedded in the glass lite.

Wire Safety Mesh                                     
A galvanised steel wire safety mesh fixed to roof purlins.

Wool is a keratin based fibre. Environmental effects of wool production in Australia and New Zealand include soil compaction by cloven hooves and habitat loss due to demand for fertiliser dependant, specialised pasture plant species and land clearing. Sheep also produce methane which is a potent greenhouse gas.

A woven pile weather seal used to seal sliding sashes. Pile weatherseals are highly resilient and will compensate for variations in tolerances.

Work Order                                              
A written directive to the Contractor, signed by the Engineer, to perform changed work, extra work, or any other additional work within the scope of the original contract. Any adjustments to compensation or time because of a work order will be established by a change order.

Work Triangle                                            
A concept used to design functional kitchens.

Working Drawings                                     
A set of drawings issued for construction, showing te detailed architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, landscaping or other design solutions and details for a project.

The quality of work performed.The performance or execution of work or a work; that which is wrought or made by a workman or craftsman; something produced skill or cunning as a workman;craftsmanship as exhibited in a piece of work'.

Any place where work is, or is to be, performed by a worker who does work whether the person engaged works for gain or reward or on a voluntary basis.

The work to be carried out, completed and handed over to you in accordance with what is set out in your contract documents including the variations.

Wrought Iron  
A term customarily used to denote mild steel. Wrought iron, which is iron with few impurities, is rare
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