Dimension Style Overrides, Explained

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Applies to:
  • AutoCAD


In AutoCAD dimension style override is a change made to specific settings in the current dimension style. It is equivalent to changing a dimensioning system variable without changing the current dimension style.
You can define dimension style overrides for individual dimensions, or for the current dimension style.

What use do they have?

For individual dimensions, you may want to create overrides to suppress a dimension's extension lines or modify text and arrowhead placement so that they do not overlap drawing geometry without creating a different dimension style.
You can also set up overrides to the current dimension style. All dimensions you create in the style include the overrides until you delete the overrides, save the overrides to a new style, or set another style current. For example, if you choose Override in the Dimension Style Manager, and change the color of extension lines on the Lines and Arrows tab, the current dimension style remains unchanged. However, the new value for color is stored in the DIMCLRE system variable.
The next dimension you create will have extension lines in the new color. You can save the dimension style overrides as a new dimension style.
Some dimension characteristics are common to a drawing or to a style of dimensioning and are therefore suited to be permanent dimension style settings. Others generally apply on an individual basis and can be applied more effectively as overrides.
For example, a drawing usually uses a single type of arrowhead, so it makes sense to define the arrowhead type as part of the dimension style. Suppression of extension lines, however, usually applies in individual cases only and is more suited to a dimension style override.

How to create style overrides

There are several ways to set up dimension style overrides. You can change options in the dimensions style dialog box - by click the "override" button - or change system variable settings on the command line. You reverse the override by returning the changed settings to their original values.
The overrides apply to the dimension you are creating and all subsequent dimensions created with that dimension style until you reverse the override or make another dimension style current.

How to save overrides to the main dimension style

Simply save the style to the named dimension style:

  1. Type -DIMSTYLE
  2. SAVE
  3. "Style name" - DIM_100 for example
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