Ghost Draftsperson Riders in the Sky

You've heard about the ghost riders in the sky. Here's another scary story.
An old draftsman came ridin in one dark and windy day
Tore off four strips of drafting tape to make his velum stay
Snatched up his trusty pencil, and made his pointer spin
Stabbed a block of styrofoam to clean the sharp black end
He soon whipped out a floor plan, scaled and straight and true
Then he cut a section before the clock struck 2:00
He was brushing off his drawing and loading up fresh lead
When some noise and commotion made him turn his head
All at once a mighty herd of red eyed geeks he saw
Charging in his cubicle, right where he had to draw
Their hair was black and shiny and their nerves were made of steel
They had a big huge box with them, set it down and broke the seal
A bolt of fear went through him as they piled stuff on his desk
A gnarly nest of cables and a television set
He wanted to watch Gunsmoke, so he tried to tune it in
This aint no tv, dummy. Where the hell you been?
This here is Automatic Cadd. Aint you heard of it before?
Well sure, but I got a Chevy with a four speed on the floor
Just sit down in this chair right here and bang upon these keys
This thing will draw your drawings all with speed and ease
Pitch that old board in the dumpster, or drag it down the hall
Get rid of that old Mayline, it aint no good at all
They punched the power button and the thing began to whir
The TV screen lighted up, his eyes began to blur
He sat and poked the keyboard till his back began to ache
His legs went numb, it hurt his head, he had to take a break
All that intel inside of there made him cuss and frown
That click and search and opening windows kind of slowed him down
His face is gaunt, his eyes are crossed, his shirt’s all soaked with sweat
He’s tryin hard to draw some stuff, but he aint caught on yet
As they dragged their empty box away he heard one call his name
If you want to draw a paycheck you’ll learn this video game
Draftsman, change your ways today or with us you won’t ride
From this devil’s instrument you can’t run or hide
Don’t stand up or look around Stay right there in that seat
Drag them drawings out of there and get em on the street
Yippee I aye Yippee I oh
Old draftsman, how were you to know?
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