Australian Steel Detailing General Notes

This information is provide as a guide only.


  • All welds to be a minimum of 6mm continuous fillet unless noted
  • Column flanges at beam moment connections to be ultra sonic tested 150mm above and below weld location. Complete Penetration splices to be also ultra sonic tested 150mm above and below joint. On any material greater than 20mm thick.
  • No paint within 50mm of a site weld
  • Weld preps are "neat fit" size, i.e. no allowance has been made for weld gaps
  • All holes are diameter 22 for 8.8/S bolts unless noted
  • Slotted holes are overall length unless the center to center of radius points are shown
  • All holes to be clean and free from burrs

Surface treatment

  • Hot dip galvanized to AS4680
  • Red oxide zinc phosphate primer brush applied to 75 µm dry film thickness. Wire bush surface before painting
  • No paint within 75mm of a bolt group that is T, TF or TB bolted
  • Minimum edge distance - 35mm unless noted
  • Structural members whose ends transmit loads by bearing shall be finished to a smooth even surface. Finishing is done by sawing, milling or other suitable means
  • All notches and copes to have 11mm radius to all internal corners
  • Horizontal members to have the piece-mark on north or east end and on top surface. Marks with and asterisk * are stamped on the south or west end.
  • Columns have the piece-mark on north face near base of shaft marks with asterisk * are stamped on the south face
  • Fin plates for beams will be on the north or east side of beam web, unless shown otherwise. i.e. Erect beams to south or west of cleat
  • Third angle projection unless noted


N/S = Near Side
F/S = Far Side
B/S = Both Sides
FWF = From Web Face
U/S = Underside
BTM = Bottom
U/N = Unless Noted
N/P = No Paint
O/A = Over All
C/C = Cross Centers between holes
TYP = Typical
R = Radius
Ø = Diameter
CL = Center Line
Flg = Flange
Dwg = Drawing

Machining Notes

  • Minimum surface finish unless noted
  • Tolerance +0.5, -0.5 unless noted

Stuff we would like to see on the drawings

  • Engineers Dwg ref number
  • Marking plan ref number
  • Bill Of Material
  • Erection bolts sizes and lengths
  • Punch marks to North and East
  • Dimension of grids, top of beams, beam centers etc. on marking plans
  • A note that says, "DO NOT SCALE - IF IN DOUBT ASK"
  • Angles and channels toe direction shown on marking plans

Workshop Quality Assurance Check

  • Component sizes
  • Overall dimensions
  • Location and dimensions of connections
  • Welding inspection
    • Magnetic particle
    • Dye penetration
    • Ultrasonic
    • Radiography
  • Piece mark location and name correct
  • Paint

Typical Drawings

  • Assemblies
  • Sub Assemblies
  • Single parts
  • Marking plans
    • Purlins
    • Roof
    • Walls
    • H.D. Bolts
  • Material Take Off
  • Delivery list
  • Bolt requisition
  • Cover sheet and notes
  • Purlin order forms
  • Bridging order forms
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