Designation or codes of steel members

By Allan
Are you looking to find what the UB means in a 310UB40, how about CT in a 155CT79 steel columns? The table below outlines the commonly used designations for steel members in Australia and New Zealand.
Section typeMaterial standard   Abbreviation    Typical example of designation
Welded beam   AS/NZS 3679.2WB700WB115, 1200WB455
Welded columnAS/NZS 3679.2WC350WC197, 500WC440
New Zealand welded sectionsNZS 3404SWB, SWC, LB,
700SWB115, 350SWC197, 600LB60,
Universal beamAS/NZS 3679.1UB150UB14.0, 610UB125
Universal columnAS/NZS 3679.1UC100UC14.8. 310UC158
Tee cut from UBAS/NZS 3679.1BT75BT7.0, 305BT62.5
Tee cut from UCAS/NZS 3679.1CT50CT7.4, 155CT79.0
Taper flange beamsAS/NZS 3679.1TFB100TFB, 125TFB
Parallel flange channelsAS/NZS 3679.1PFC150PFC, 125TFC
Taper flange channelsAS/NZS 3679.1TFC75TFC, 125TFC
Equal anglesAS/NZS 3679.1EA25×25×6EA, 200×200×26EA
Unequal anglesAS/NZS 3679.1UA65×50×5UA, 150×100×12UA
Flat barAS/NZS 3679.1FL20×3 FL, 150×50 FL, 300×12 FL
Round barAS/NZS 3679.1ROD or RD16 DIA ROD or 100 RD
Square barAS/NZS 3679.1SQ10 SQ, 40 SQ
PlateAS/NZS 3678PLATE or PL250×150×16 PLATE
Circular hollow sectionsAS 1163CHS13.5×2.3CHS, 610.0×12.7CHS
Rectangular hollow sectionsAS 1163RHS50×20×1.6RHS, 250×150×9.0RHS
Square hollow sectionsAS 1163SHS20×20×1.6SHS, 250×250×9.0SHS
Cold-formed purlins and girtsAS 1397Z or C
Z10010, Z35030 C10010, C35030
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